10 Snacks That Will Energize and Cleanse your Body

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Today I’ve gathered some detoxifying and healthy snack that will enhance your metabolism and keep you on track while you’re detoxing along the week. 
When you get hungry in between meals, seek for this list of detoxifying drinks and snacks that will keep cleansing your body all day long…

1. Asparagus: 

This vegetable is a tasty and healthy snack, not just because it cleanses the liver, but also because it assists your body to flush out all toxins. I prefer asparagus whether steamed or grilled, and consuming it raw which help decrease bloating in your belly as well!

2. Apples: 

This fruit is satisfying , filling and it can aid to stop unnecessary cravings. If an occasional sugar craving pop up when you’re detoxing, eat an apple. Green apples are specifically good for reducing appetite.

3. Green Smoothie: 
While a large size smoothie can be filling that it becomes an whole meal (for breakfast), a smaller one is the ideal mid-meal snack. Mix up a smoothie that is almost 1-½ cups, and make sure to add a green something like kale or spinach, lemon, chia seeds, and pineapple or apple. And…There you are! You just made a glass of detox goodness. To see one of my favorite recipes, click here.

4. Homemade Trail Mix: 
Many trail mixes include sugary sweets like chocolate or candy, making them less healthy choice. But a homemade one could be just the type of healthy snack that keeps your body full with energy. I recommend blending almonds, pistachios, dried hemp seeds, and cranberries, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. I also prefer to add dried goji berries, which are strong antioxidants that are loaded with Vitamin A.

5. Watermelon: 
Health experts believe that watermelon can assist your kidneys and liver to flush out toxins. Watermelon tea can also do the trick!

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6. Pineapple: 
Pineapples are widely known for their capabilities to detox the pores in your lungs and decrease stomach fat. Consume a few chunks of this nicely sweet fruit on an empty stomach to acquire the benefits of its strong enzymes.

7. Chia Fresca: 
This drink from Oh She Glows is assumed to help in the process of detoxification in the body…specifically in the morning after a fun night out. Just soak half a tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of water for ten minutes, then include a squirt of lime. So refreshing.

8. Grapefruit: 
Grapefruit are also known for its ability to curb hunger, but that's not all. This citrus fruit enhances your metabolism and is loaded with a ton of vitamin C, good for treating colds and giving your skin a glow.

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9. Celery: 
Celery is a magnificent source of fiber, which means it is so vital for the digestive tract (World’s Healthiest Foods). Eat peanut butter and a few celery sticks for a heart-healthy snack that will make you full and more satisfied.

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10. Avocados: 
Apart from lowering bad cholesterol, avocados carry a nutrient called glutathione, which halts at least 30 different carcinogens while assiting the liver to detoxify synthetic chemicals. Include some of this green wonder to your salads or smoothies.

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These good snacks are healthy, light choices to consume in between meals all day long. If you have any detox snacks to propose, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Which snack will you start adding to your diet first?


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