4 Fruit Infused Water Easy Combinations For Natural Detoxification

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Infusing your water with fresh herbs and fruits will support your liver and aid your body in the natural detoxification process. From indigestion and headache relief to enhanced immune functions and hydration, you’ll be impressed with how great you’ll feel by just adding a few slices of your preferred fruit to water! Plus the pure flavor of the added fruit will make drinking water more fun!

1. Lime, Orange and lemon

Citrus fruit includes a considerable amount of vitamin C (you can consume all of your daily recommended intake from just one orange)? Excellent for boosting your immunity and helping fighting colds and flu in winter!

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2. Green tea, mint and lime

Lime Green Tea and Mint water infusion
Mint and lime iced green tea

3. Cucumber, lemon and lime

Adding some limes, lemons and cucumbers to water will surely boost the freshness of water without adding any refined sugars.

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4. Cucumber, strawberry and kiwi


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