Top 10 Vegetables for Weight Loss

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Vegetables like fruits are a rich source of fiber, vitamins as well as minerals. There is no doubt that a lot of health goals can be met through the consumption of vegetables in a daily basis. It's a perfect food category for those who are looking towards maintaining a healthy body weight. Also, the high amounts of fiber in some vegetables ensure the flushing out of accumulated fat in the body. It cleanses the entire system and provides energy. A lot of vegetables also improve the metabolic process and thus burning the calories that you consume from other foods.

There is no doubt that vegetables help with weight loss, but there are some specific vegetables that are tagged quite special in this regard. The guide below is a top 10 list of the vegetables that aids enormously with weight loss. All you need to do is use a combination of 2-3 vegetables each day in your diet to start getting results within 2-3 weeks.

1. Broccoli:

One of the vegetables that stands on top of the list for weight loss is broccoli. There is no fat in this vegetable and it consists of 60 percent carbohydrates as well as 40 percent protein. There is a good level of water, minerals and vitamins as well. The complex carbohydrates make you feel full for a longer period of time along with consistent energy.

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2. Spinach:

This green leafy vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron. Along with this, it has high levels of fiber and water to flush out accumulated toxins and fat in the body. It treats all kind of water retention in the body that increases body weight. Overall, a portion of spinach will do you much good than you expect.

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3. Cabbage:

"More fiber and fewer calories" is the mantra you can achieve with including cabbage in your diet. It adds bulkiness to the food that makes you full faster and helps you eat less. Also, the fiber and water along with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are a sure shot way of keeping yourself healthy without those extra pounds!

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4. Brussels Sprouts:

Just like cabbage, this vegetable provides more fiber and only about 21 calories in each sprout. The good level of nutrients help right the body functions and also keep fat and excess body weight 
at bay.

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5. Carrots:

The vitamins A, K and C and minerals in carrots along with the high fiber content make them a perfect food to consume daily for a range of benefits including weight maintenance and 
weight loss.

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6. Beans:

The best part about beans is that they are full of dietary fiber as well as proteins and almost no calories that lead to weight gain in most cases. In fact, you can even try and eat raw beans in salads. This is bound to help you get the outcome of weight loss you are looking for.

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7. Collard Greens:

Proteins and amino acids are present in collard greens in ample amounts which are good for your body. It is also known to have a low glycemic index. As a dual benefit, collard greens provide a range of vitamins and minerals to the body. All these help in maintaining and losing weight in an effective manner.

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8. Cucumber:

Cucumber has extremely low amounts of calories and has plenty of water as well. Including cucumber in salads and other dishes helps with losing weight along with boosting the energy and nutrient levels in the body.

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9. Celery:

Celery like cucumber consists mostly of water and also high in fiber as well as protein. Including c
elery in your diet is a sure shot way of losing weight without much difficulty. It is a well-deserving vegetable in this list for weight loss.

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10. Bell Peppers:

The crunchiness and sweetness of bell peppers helps in subsiding the cravings for sugary foods and thus keeping the weight in check

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