Make Your Armpits Happy With This Non-Toxic Homemade Deodoran

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I’ve been excited to make a homemade deodorant for a while now. Have you? Having breast cancer running in my family is the chief reason making homemade deodorant looks like a great idea. Putting that much chemicals on my armpits every day and chemically clogging and restraining my sweat glands just doesn’t appear like a sound idea when you think about it reasonably. Clearly scientists haven’t mentioned any strong links between health conditions and deodorant use, by why taking the risk? Making your own homemade deodorant is simple and cheap! Read on to discover the recipe.



  • Just combine all the ingredients and scoop into the container of your preference. Use as required. This will replenish a small container that may last 3-4 weeks.

I'd like to know if you used any other natural deodorant recipes. Or if you try this, I’d like to know what's your impression. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed!

Here is another recipe for you.



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