Easy DIY Dreamy Sleep Salve

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Fed to the gills with lying awake all night stressing over this or that? You can fall quickly asleep thanks to this DIY tranquilizing salve that also leaves your feet so soft — you can not beat that! Made with a calming mixture of essential oils, the recipe generates more than enough for yourself, so gift the rest to your beloved people. You will love how this remarkably smelling helper makes nighttime delightful.


1 cup olive oil
1 cup coconut oil
Equal parts lavender, orange, cedarwood, peppermint, and cinnamon essential oils
4 tablespoons grated beeswax


  1. Put the olive oil, coconut oil, and grated beeswax in a glass or metal bowl, and gradually warm in the microwave in short bursts or heat over a double boiler. Once everything has melted enough, give it a stir, and then remove from heat.
  2. Now mix together the essential oils to form the dreamy mix of scents. Lavender is so comforting while cinnamon and orange help soothe nerves. Sandalwood, cedarwood, and ylang ylang offer earthy smells. And peppermint does an excellent job of relieving muscle pains. Using about 50 drops of each produces a magnificent blend. Add coconut oil to the mixture.
  3. Now thoroughly ladle the warm sleep salve into cleaned jars, let cool till room temperature, and then cap. Your sleep slave is now ready to use! Keep it next to your bed and smooth onto feet, cover with socks, and snuggle down on nights you are having a hard time drifting off into sleep. The larger pores in your feet enable the essential oils to instantly absorb and flow through the body, promoting your relax. Or rub into sore muscles, hands, or even your temples for immediate calm.

Makes approximately 16 ounces of sleep salve.


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