How to get rid of fishy breath

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A person with fishy breath would have never gotten a seat partner in school and college. In the official, personal and social interactions as well bad breath hampers the communication.
The problem of bad breath or halitosis crop up due to poor flow of saliva at night, poor brushing habits, poor eating habits, etc. Bacteria inside the mouth rot food particles and release chemicals which are a sulfur compound and a fishy odor is released when air is exhaled.
There can be fruity odor of a diabetic person. Prolonged vomiting can be the cause of feces like odor. Fishy breath is found in a person with chronic kidney failure.
Alcohol, smoking, tobacco, coffee, gum disease or throat infection can be the reasons for halitosis.

Tips for a fresh breathing mouth

  • Brushing- Brush your teeth two times a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. Brush thoroughly between the tongue and teeth. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner as bacteria hides behind it. They release chemicals which is responsible for bad breath.

  • Floss- Food particles stuck between teeth are taken out by a cord of thin filament called floss. You should floss at least once in a day to take the fluoride of the tooth paste between remaining teeth. They are usually found in toothpastes and mint.

  • Mouthwash- prevents bad breath as a temporary solution by keeping the mouth moist as a dry mouth stinks.

  • Chewing gum- more saliva is produced when a chewing gum is chewed. Try out Cinnamon flavoring or the one with xylitol.

  • Cinnamonit cannot an essential oil that kills 50% bacteria.

  • Fish oil supplementthe omega 3s in the fish oil reduces odor.

  • Magnolia Bar Extract- it consists of magnolol and honokiol, which are antibacterial components and can kill odor creating bacteria.

  • Eat – banana is a carb rich food to mask the odor of ketones.

  • Gargle- gargle can be followed after every brush.

  • Flavor- usings ame flavor lip gloss and chewing gum can intensify the smell.

  • Spray- use mint and other sprays as a temporary solution for fishy breath.

  • Doctor- a doctor will take the medical history and perform a physical examination. A physical examination will include the checkup of mouth, nose, throat, etc. He may also perform blood test, endoscopy and X-rays.

  • Celeryis good to fight against bad breath. It is full of of fiber and fiber rich food easily keeps away bad breath. Apples and carrots are good sources of fiber.

  • Vitamin CEat after your lunch fruits like oranges, berries and melons which are high sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps away gum disease and gingivitis

  • Black Teait contains polyphenols which keep breath smelling sweet. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants that stop plaque, from getting accumulated on the teeth and control the growth of bacteria. Plaque causes bad breath.


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