Summer’s Best Natural Sunscreens

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Summer’s Best Natural Sunscreens

1- Del Mar Beach Supply Co ($19): This sunscreen is safe for children of all ages it's also certified ORGANIC ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. Your skin will love you for it!

2- Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen ($17): This Australian brand of sunscreen is chemical-free and give you maximum irritation-free protection.

3- Alba Botanica ($8): This sunscreen is 100% vegetarian ingredients. It's is very water resistant and not only it provide protective barrier the aloe vera, chamomile and green tea repair and soothe sensitive skin.

4- OZ Naturals ($17): This sunscreen is 100% NATURAL and includes soothing Aloe Vera which enhances sun protection, powerhouse antioxidants Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, and nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, It's also SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, non-irritating, paraben-free sunscreen can be applied daily and can be worn under makeup.

5- Beauty by Earth ($15): Eco-Friendly and Reef Safe - this sun block is crafted with ingredients that are completely environmentally safe. Can be used in Eco parks, reefs and is safe for marine life and 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

6- Babo Botanicals ($15): This Sunscreen Lotion for babies or kids of all ages offers the power-packed UVA & UVB sun protection of zinc. This sunscreen is chemical-free and playground safe, and goes on clear - no more white residue. It’s moisturizing while remaining non-greasy. Made with a certified organic Nutri-Soothe Blend rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

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